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Due to the ever increasing issue of cyber-attacks we are no longer listing staff or teacher emails on our website. Please use your ParentVue or StudentVue account to contact teachers. For general information or inquiries you may call us or use the Contact Us button to the right.

2023-2024 Beaverton High School
Administration, Counseling & Support

Principal: Andrew Kearl
Assistant Principal: Bianca Bebb (Students Olj-Z)
Assistant Principal: Teresa Sanchez (Students Gas-Oli)
Assistant Principal: Steven Sanderson (Students A-Gar)

 Counselors for grades 9-12
 Students last
 name starts with 
 Counselor  Phone number 
 A - D  Brian Hunt  503-356-2849
 E - K  Ulla Dosedal  503-356-2850
 L - Q  Angel Stempert  503-356-2846
 R - Z  Stephanie Peters 
 Bonnie Heaton
 AVID  Liz Perez  503-356-2845
 ELD  Sandra Johnston  503-356-2829
 Community Liaisons


 Students last
 name starts with 
 Contact Name  Phone number 
 Arabic  All  Hanna Abdul Jabbar   503-356-2869
 Spanish  A - G  David Bello  503-356-2875
 Spanish  H - M  Lupe Avila Carreon  503-356-2874
 Spanish  N - Z  Lorena Leal  503-356-2863
 Spanish  Newcomers  Noelia Ruiz  503-356-3775
 Social Workers
 Students last
 name starts with 
 Contact Name  Phone number 
 A - K  Campbell Stewart  503-356-2870
 L - Z  Jhoana Monroy  503-356-2865
 Newcomers  Gabby Perez Winder   503-356-2867