BHS Summer School

Beaverton High School families will have the opportunity for students to attend summer school. BHS will offer a similar variety of course offerings as last summer. We are providing offerings for:

Summer 8.5 will provide 1.0 elective credit and is a transitional program focused specifically on skill development, leadership, and college/career readiness.

Health 1 summer course provides the same breadth, depth, and rigor as its classroom counterpart but in an accelerated format. Students successfully completing this course will gain the skills, knowledge, and experience offered in a full-semester Health 1 course, and will earn a 0.5 credit for Health 1.

Credit Recovery which includes:


  • AGS 1A
  • AGS 1B

Online (APEX) Classes:

  • AGS 2A
  • AGS 2B
  • AGS 3A
  • AGS 3B
  • Language Arts
  • Chemistry A
  • Chemistry B
  • Physics A
  • Physics B
  • Social Studies

Below are links to the materials and application forms.