BSD Grad Requirements

Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements
Course Planning

Subject Credits
English/Language Arts
Mathematics - Alg. 1 or above
Social Studies
Physical Education
Second Language, the Arts, Career & Technical Education
Career Development
Total Credits


​Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements

Essential Skills (State Required Testing)
Testing Options
Reading (read & comprehend a variety of text)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
Writing (write clearly & accurately)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
Mathematics (apply mathematics in a variety of settings)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
See the ODE website for more information about diplomas and required state testing.
*OAKS, or Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, is the  name for the Oregon online statewide assessment system. This online testing system assesses students’ mastery of Oregon content standards in mathematics, reading/literature and science. The state uses a testing system called Smarter Balanced to complete its OAKS assessments. Both Oregon law and federal law require that the state and school districts measure student performance against state adopted content and achievement standards.


​Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements
Career Development (Education) Credit

Personalized Learning
How students meet this requirement
Educational Plan & Profile
All students at Beaverton are assigned to a Beaver Lodge, or an Advisory class. In Beaver Lodge, students will develop an educational plan and profile to guide learning toward student's personal, career and post-high school goals.
Beaver Lodge Info
Career Related Learning Experiences
Students at Beaverton need to complete four (4) Career-Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) in order to graduate. Students participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school.
Extended Application
Seniors will complete a Senior Project. Students apply and extend knowledge and skills in new situations related to the student's personal and career interests and post high-school goals. ​
Senior Project Info

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge meets every other day on "B" Days at Beaverton High School. Students are assigned a Beaver Lodge teacher.

Beaver Lodge provides all students with supports, opportunities, and enrichments in a variety of areas in order to increase their academic achievement, promote personal growth, and personalize their overall educational experience. 

Beaver Lodge offers tremendous opportunities for students to access numerous supports.
A few examples of these supports include:

* Advisory activities that will help students build relationships, make connections, support academic progress, and teach life-long skills
* Time to receive support from current classroom teachers
* Structured time to complete assigned work
* Access to program case managers (Special Education, English Language Learners)
* Tutorial sessions lead by teachers, instructional assistants, or peer tutors
* Small group study sessions with peers
* Time for collaborative work on class projects
* Preparation in advance of state testing and Advanced Placement testing
* Preparation for required Senior Projects
* Meet required StEPP learning targets

​Other activities that may take place during Beaver Lodge are school announcements, assemblies, and LINK activities.

Career Ed. Credit

All Career Education Credit information can be found on the Career Education Credit page, including Senior Project details. 

Senior Reception

Senior Portraits

Senior portrait submission info
Senior portrait submission info in Spanish

Senior Quote

Each Senior from the Class of 2020 has the opportunity to submit a quote which may be pictured underneath your Senior Portrait in the yearbook.  If you choose to submit a quote, you must follow our guidelines.  Dr. Erwin and Mrs. Nakatani will have the final word on appropriateness.

  1. 15-word maximum.
  2. Write legibly.
  3. Your quote must be school appropriate; noput-downs, profanity, innuendos, inside jokes, or rude implications.
  4. If you are quoting someone else, you must include the author’s name.

SENIOR QUOTE FORM--Return to Mrs. Nakatani in room 108 by November 15.
Senior Name (print):  Signature:  
Beaver Lodge Teacher:
Senior Quote (and author, if applicable):

Fill in boxes above, then print and choose Custom pages instead of All and select the page your quote appears on (probably 8).

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