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Beaverton Schools

Health Careers


Welcome to the BSD Health Careers Program
A Partial-Day Options Program at Beaverton High School

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"In the first year, I liked learning about CPR, getting certified, and teaching it to other people. The second year of the course focuses on community-based clinical rotations, which gives you the chance to experience the environment of the profession and to talk to people who have been through the training necessary. All in all, it’s a really great experience."
‚Äč~AHS Student


The BSD Health Careers Program encourages their students to push themselves further by learning about professional behaviors, skills and educational pathways of all areas in Health Care.



  From working with Providence, Kaiser, OHSU, TVF&R, Metro-West and many other local health care providers, we strive to get students partnering with the community professionals to help determine their future goals.