Mission Statement: 
As an integral part of the total educational program, the mission of the Beaverton School District Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to advocate courageously for the academic success, for the social and emotional well being, and for the widest range of post secondary options for each student.

​The Beaverton School District Comprehensive School Counseling Program, in collaboration with parents and staff, will empower and assist each student in developing skills to be a successful learner and a healthy, valuable citizen in a diverse society. 


Recommendation Packet

Welcome to your Senior year!

It is a big year filled with challenge, fun, uncertainty, and excitement as you finish high school and make choices for your future. The BHS Counseling and College/Career Center staff is eager to help you in this process. We have many resources and much knowledge available in the Counseling and College/Career Center. Just drop by – it never hurts to ask.

Meanwhile, as tempting as it may be to have a laid-back senior year, colleges consistently tell us that entering first-year college students MUST demonstrate their preparation by taking a solid academic course load, so hang in there.  Your reward will be a great start in your next endeavor.

Best wishes to the Senior Class from the Counseling and College/Career Center Staff!

​In order to receive a letter of recommendation from your counselor, you must submit a packet including the following:

  1. Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form
  2. Teacher Evaluation Form
  3. High School Activities and Awards Form
  4. ​Parent Comments Form
  5. Outside Recommendation Form (optional)​

1. Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form

For the Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form, fill the form out digitally as a Google Doc and share with your counselor.

Fill out the Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form



2. Teacher Evaluation Form

Make 3-4 copies and give to current or former high school teachers that know you best and can provide valuable information for your counselor regarding your academic qualities.

Download the PDF Teacher Evaluation Form



3. High School Activities and Awards Form

Preparing a High School Activities and Awards Form

A High School Activities and Awards Form is a document you will be asked to prepare to obtain a Counselor Letter of Recommendation. It is a resume of your academic and extracurricular high school experience. This form can also be included with your scholarship applications if the scholarship application allows additional materials to be attached.​ See the sample below to help guide you.

View the Sample Awards Resume



4. Parent Comments Form

Your student is applying for college entrance and/or scholarships requiring a counselor letter of recommendation. This is your opportunity to share anything about your student that would assist us in writing a strong letter of recommendation.

Some suggestions for your comments

The following questions are provided as a guide for you to provide additional information that your student may not have provided for us. Please note that anecdotes and specific examples are especially helpful.

  1. What are some characteristics that make your student stand out?
  2. Please give me your frank assessment of your student's strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Describe your child's community or school activities, awards, or special experiences that you think were worthwhile or interesting in some way.
  4. Describe any specific life experiences your child has had that has impacted who they are today. For example, obstacles that they have overcome or a particular work experience, or examples of how your student showed grit or how they handle a difficult situation.
  5. Please share anything else you feel your student’s counselor should know to have an accurate"picture" of your student.

Submission Instructions

Please email your responses to your student’s counselor with the student's name as the subject line at least three weeks before the earliest college or scholarship deadline! Thank you.​

Release of Information to Colleges and Scholarship Organizations

As a parent/guardian, you must give permission to your student's counselor to release specific information to colleges and scholarship organizations. 

Download the Release of Information Form



5. Outside Recommendation Form (optional)

Instructions for a recommender outside of Beaverton High School. 

Download the Outside Recommendation Form



Recommendation Packet Deadlines

Your counselor needs a minimum of one month to review your academic record, collect teacher evaluation forms, and write a thoughtful letter of recommendation.  It is your responsibility to get things in on time!

Transcript Request

Beaverton High School Transcripts

Official transcripts are now available through  Please use the button below to log in and then establish your account using your personal email address.  The first 5 transcripts are free to current BHS students, and $5.95 each after that.  If you are applying using the common application and your counselor is sending a counselor recommendation letter for you through the common application, your counselor will also send your transcript electronically to all your common application schools. If you are applying to state schools, or schools that do not require a letter of recommendation from your counselor, (with the exception of the University of Oregon and Oregon State University which now use the common application) YOU are responsible for requesting a transcript from

Order Credentials from Parchment

You are required to send your official test scores directly from the testing agency, or

Note:  A copy of your final official 8th semester BHS transcript will need to be sent to the college you plan to attend in the fall. It is your responsibility to request that transcript through  Final transcripts will be ready to send by 6/18/2020.

IMPORTANT:  All off-campus credits, especially correspondence courses required for graduation, must be submitted by the end of May or they will not appear on the transcript and you will not be able to participate in graduation.

Mental Health

There are times we all need extra support or resources. The Mental Health Resource Information link below helps access Oregon Health Plan, mental health providers, and Washington County resources. The Washington County Resource link list is a comprehensive resources and referral list for Washington County. You can also access support by calling 211.

If you hear about a student struggling please contact your child's counselor or the struggling student's counselor.

In times of an emergency call 911

Mental Health Resource List 
Recursos De Servicios Sociales 

Beaverton High School School-Based Health Center 


Counseling & Treatment

YouthlineOpens a New Window.: 1-877-968-8491 / text teen2teen to 839863
Wa. County Crisis LineOpens a New Window.: 503-291-9111
211Opens a New Window.
Wa. County Resource Guide
Lifeworks NWOpens a New Window.
Suicide PreventionOpens a New Window.
Youth ContactOpens a New Window.
Cascadia Behavioral HealthOpens a New Window.
Depaul Treatment CenterOpens a New Window.
Morrison Child and Family ServicesOpens a New Window.
Western Psychological Services

Graduation Requirements

Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements
Course Planning

English/Language Arts
Mathematics - Alg. 1 or above
Social Studies
Physical Education
Second Language, the Arts, Career & Technical Education
Career Development
Total Credits


​Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements

Essential Skills (State Required Testing)
Testing Options
Reading (read & comprehend a variety of text)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
Writing (write clearly & accurately)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
Mathematics (apply mathematics in a variety of settings)
Smarter Balanced / OAKS*  reading assessment / PLAN or ACT / work samples / alternate test
See the ODE website for more information about diplomas and required state testing.
*OAKS, or Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, is the  name for the Oregon online statewide assessment system. This online testing system assesses students’ mastery of Oregon content standards in mathematics, reading/literature and science. The state uses a testing system called Smarter Balanced to complete its OAKS assessments. Both Oregon law and federal law require that the state and school districts measure student performance against state adopted content and achievement standards.


​Beaverton School District & State Diploma Requirements
Career Development (Education) Credit

Personalized Learning
How students meet this requirement
Educational Plan & Profile
All students at Beaverton are assigned to a Beaver Lodge, or an Advisory class. In Beaver Lodge, students will develop an educational plan and profile to guide learning toward student's personal, career and post-high school goals.
Beaver Lodge Info
Career Related Learning Experiences
Students at Beaverton need to complete four (4) Career-Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) in order to graduate. Students participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school.
Extended Application
Seniors will complete a Senior Project. Students apply and extend knowledge and skills in new situations related to the student's personal and career interests and post high-school goals. ​
Senior Project Info

Meet the Staff