COVID-19 College Information

Dear Students and BHS Community,

The past few months have been life-altering for all of us and the BHS Counseling and College & Career team wants you all to know that even though these times are challenging, we are here to help and support all of our students. At this time, we want to offer a few glimmers of hope and to remind you of some of the resources that are available to you as you navigate through these uncertain times.

Please continue to engage with your counselor and reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We know that many of you have questions regarding post high school plans and specifically the college admissions process. Know that we are working hard to meet your needs in partnership with colleges and admissions representatives.

These are some of the ways that we will be supporting our students through the college application process:

  • Senior meetings: In these individual meetings counselors and students will work on a post high school plan. Students will hear directly from their counselor to schedule these meetings.
  • Virtual college rep visits
  • Free workshops through the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Advisory lessons                    
  • Scholarship help                   
  • Career speakers
  • Knowledgeable staff available to answer questions           
  • Career guidance
  • College essay writing support

Things to do during COVID-19

College Information

Information for College Admissions Counselors

Thank you for your interest in visiting Beaverton HS! We are happy to welcome College Admissions Counselors to our College and Career Center. We schedule all of our visits using the online scheduling system, RepVisits. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Beaverton High School CEBB Code is 380075