Career Education Credit

Graduation is dependent upon three areas: Courses, State Testing and Career Development.

The State of Oregon requires all students to earn 0.5 credits of career education in order to graduate. Students at Beaverton earn 0.125 career education credits each year through the College and Career Readiness Program.   Career education activities happen in the community, in classes, and in Beaver Lodge.  Progress towards completing these activities is monitored by the College and Career Center. Students receive the 0.5 credit upon completing all activities required, grades 9-12. 

Career Education Activities

What are Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs)?

Students are required to complete four Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) prior to graduation.  

CRLEs can be:

  • attending a College or Career Fair 
  • completing a job application
  • completing a job interview
  • listening to a guest speaker
  • completing an internship
  • completing a job shadow
  • completing an informational interview
  • and so much more!

Students will have opportunities to complete some of these CRLEs during Beaver Lodge class; students may also choose to complete CRLEs on their own. Once students complete a CRLE, they should fill out the CRLE reflection through Canvas.

If you need help finding a Career Related Learning Experience, you can checkout the Washington County Chamber Opportunities.