Career Education Credit

Graduation is dependent upon three areas: Courses, State Testing and Career Development.

The State of Oregon requires all students to earn 0.5 credits of career education in order to graduate. Students at Beaverton earn 0.125 career education credits each year through the College and Career Readiness Program.   Career education activities happen in the community, in classes, and in Beaver Lodge.  Each student’s progress towards earning 0.5 career education credit is housed in their Career Information System (CIS) electronic portfolio.  Progress towards completing these activities is also reported on the 2nd semester report cards.

Career Education Activities

9th Grade

  • Interest Profiler Assessment & Identify Your Interest Areas
  • Identify Occupations to Research
  • Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE)



10th Grade

  • Skills Assessment 
  • Reality Check 
  • Save Three Occupations 
  • Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE)


11th Grade

  • Resume
  • Mock Interview 
  • Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE)


12th Grade

  • Senior Project 
  • Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE) 


What are Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs)?

Students are required to complete four Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) prior to graduation.  

CRLEs can be:

  • participating in Future Day
  • completing a job application
  • completing a job interview
  • completing a mock interview at BHS
  • attending a Career Fair
  • listening to a guest speaker
  • completing an internship
  • completing a job shadow
  • completing an informational interview
  • and so much more!

Students will have opportunities to complete some of these CRLEs during Beaver Lodge class; students may also choose to complete CRLEs on their own. Once students complete a CRLE, they should fill out the CRLE through CIS.

If you need help finding a Career Related Learning Experience, you can checkout the Hillsboro Chamber opportunities.

Senior Project

Part 1: Resume

Submission Instructions

You must submit an updated resume by November 13 through CANVAS. 

Submit an updated resume that could be used to apply for any position (such as an internship with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce). 

Bucky D. Beaver’s sample resume: 

Submission Instructions:

Save your Resume, label it “Your Full Name - Part 1 Resume” and submit it to 12th Grade Beaver Lodge CCR Class in CANVAS (this will be an assignment)

*If you did not complete your Mock Interview during your junior year, you must submit a hard copy of your resume to Linda Chin in the College and Career Center in addition to submitting it on Canvas.

Part 2: Essay

You must submit your essay by November 13th through your CANVAS.


​The essay can be typed in Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, 500 to 600 words max

​​Write an essay that fulfills ONE of the choices below:

  1. Write the main essay for the Common Application used by private colleges on their  applications.
  2. Write the personal statement for the University of Oregon application.
  3. Complete all six short-answer questions for the Oregon State University “Insight Resume” application.
  4. Complete all four personal statements (no more than 1000 characters each) required for the OSAC Scholarship Application.
  5. Complete one of the essays required for Portland Community College “Future Connect”  Scholarship. Provide a minimum of 2 paragraphs and make sure to answer all parts of the question:

     1. Describe a strength or skill that you have that will help you succeed in college. Tell us how you developed that strength or skill.

     2. Tell us about something that matter to you, and why?

     3. Describe something that is unique or interesting about you and why it is part of who you are.

6. Write a statement of personal belief based on “This I Believe” national project (see This I Believe Essay Guidelines).​


Submission Instructions:

  1. Title your essay: Full Name - Part 2 Essay (Example:  buckybeaver - Part 2 Essay)
  2. Go to your Canvas class:  12th Grade Beaver Lodge CCR
  3. Upload your essay under the assignment:  Senior Project Part 2: Essay

Part 3: Future You

Part 3- Financial Reality Budget: Due: April 8th 


Why should I create a budget?

budget is a guide that keeps you on the path to reach your financial goals. Budgeting keeps your finances under control, shows when you need to make adjustments to your spending, and helps you decide where your money goes instead of wondering where it all went.

Budgeting helps you answer these important questions:

  • Where does all my money go?
  • Is there a way to spend less?
  • How will I handle unexpected expenses like replacing a broken cell phone or repairing my car?
  • How can putting money into savings help me with some of my bigger financial goals?

Budgeting helps you achieve academic and financial goals. 

Writing down your goals is the first step in creating a plan to make them realities. A budget will also help you prepare for unexpected expenses and obstacles. Budgeting involves challenging decision-making, but setting goals will make the tough choices a little easier.

As you create a budget, you’ll want to set short-, medium-, and long-term goals and track your progress toward achieving them.



You must complete & participate in all of the following:

  • Financial Reality Budget - Due April 8th 
  • Participate in a Financial Reality Fair - FUTURE DAY 4.21.20
  • Complete Reflection Questions (Survey) - FUTURE DAY 
  • Future Day Attendance/Participation  


Submission Instructions:

  • Save your Budget, label it “Your Full Name - Part 3 Budget” and submit it to 12th Grade Beaver Lodge CCR Class in CANVAS (this will be an assignment)