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Advanced Placement Programs

2019 Beaverton HS AP Exam schedule
Week 1 Morning 8 a.m. Afternoon 12 noon
May 6, 2019
  Environmental Science
May 7, 2019
Spanish Language & Culture Japanese Language & Culture
Physics 1: Algebra-Based
May 8, 2019
English Literature & Composition European History
French Language & Culture
May 9, 2019
Spanish Literature and Culture
German Language & Culture
May 10, 2019
United States History Physics 2: Algebra-Based
Due by 8pm, ET: Digital portfolios for Studio Art
2019 BHS AP Exam Fees
$80  per exam
$0 if student is on
free/reduced lunch
$40 if student is on free/
reduced lunch but does
not take exam for which
they have registered
$50 late test fee
​Payment to be made to BHS
bookkeeper. Scholarship funds
are available for students if
needed. Please contact:
Week 2 Morning 8 a.m. Afternoon 12 noon 2 p.m.
May 13, 2019
Biology Physics C: Mechanics Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
May 14, 2019
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Art History
Human Geography
May 15, 2019
English Language & Composition Macroeconomics  
May 16, 2019
World History Statistics  
May 17, 2019

All exams will be given at Parkside Fellowship Church. (Formerly called Beaverton First Baptist).

Further info can be found on the College Board website.

BHS students earn credit & saving thousands of dollars

In May 2018, BHS students took 493 AP Exams that earned scores of 3, 4, or 5. Based on Portland State University's AP credit conversion chart, this represents an estimated 2,400 college credits. The cost savings for BHS families is $408,000 at an average rate of $170/credit hour at Portland State University. (Estimates based on PSU 2018-2019 undergrad resident tuition rate.)

A Different Kind of Class

From the moment you enter an AP classroom, you'll notice the difference—in the teacher's approach to the subject, in the attitude of your classmates, in the way you start to think. You'll engage in intense discussions, solve problems collaboratively, learn to write clearly and persuasively and respond to university level questions.

Find Your Passion

With 23 AP courses to choose from, at Beaverton High School, you’ll be able to explore your interests and discover new passions. In AP classes, you'll study fascinating topics and ideas that just might become the foundation of your future college major or career.

Prepare to Succeed in College

Most four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP Exam scores. Find scores required and credits awarded by Oregon Public Universities. By entering college with AP credits, you'll have the time to move into upper level courses, pursue a double major or study abroad. Find colleges and universities with AP credit policy information.

AP and the Cost of College

Research shows that your AP experience can benefit you in several important ways when you reach college:

  • AP students are more likely to graduate from college in four years - students who take longer to graduate at public colleges and universities can spend up to $19,000(1) for each additional year.
  • AP helps students qualify for scholarships - 31 percent of colleges and universities look at AP experience when determining scholarships.(2)

(1)- Costs include tuition, fees, and books only, and do not include room, board, and other living expenses. Average Estimated Undergraduate Budgets, 2008-09 (Enrollment-Weighted). The College Board, "Trends in College Pricing," 2008.
(2)- Unpublished institutional research, Crux Research, Inc. March 2007.

AP Courses Offered At Beaverton High School 2019-2020

Fine Arts History & Social Studies Languages Mathematics Sciences
AP Music Theory U.S. History English Language & Composition Calculus AB Biology
Studio Art: Drawing Government & Politics: U.S. English Literature & Composition Calculus BC Chemistry
Studio Art: 2-D Design Human Geography Spanish Language & Culture Statistics Environmental Science
Studio Art: 3-D Design Macroeconomics French Language & Culture   Physics 1
  Microeconomics Japanese Language & Culture   Physics 2

Health Careers



Welcome to the BSD Health Careers Program!
A Partial Day Options Program at Beaverton High School


"In the first year, I liked learning about CPR, getting certified, and teaching it to other people. The second year of the course focuses on community-based clinical rotations, which gives you the chance to experience the environment of the profession and to talk to people who have been through the training necessary. All in all, it’s a really great experience."
​~AHS Student



The BSD Health Careers Program encourages their students to push themselves further by learning about professional behaviors, skills and educational pathways of all areas in Health Care.  From working with Providence, Kaiser, OHSU, TVF&R, Metro-West and many other local health care providers, we strive to get students partnering with the community professionals to help determine their future goals. 



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