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BHS Family Update – August, 2018

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Some information regarding cell phones

  • This year the faculty and staff of BHS are working to provide greater clarity to students regarding cell phones. We are continuing the cell phone expectation we used the last two years.
  • The expectation is that cell phones and computers are off and away while in class or out and fully engaged in the learning. The poster below is up in most classrooms and I’m sure teachers went over this expectation.
  • The purpose of the expectation is to ensure that students are able to engage fully in the teaching and learning while learning responsible use of technology.
Cell Phone Policy

What will happen in classrooms?

If a student has a cell phone out during learning time in a classroom the teacher will remind the student of the expectation. If the cell phone is not put away teachers may take the phone. In the event that cell phone use becomes a regular challenge the teacher will notify parents. If the behavior continues the issue will be forwarded to a Vice Principal for possible discipline.

How can you help?

  • Let students know that you understand and support the expectation.
  • Encourage students to develop self-discipline about the use of cell phones. This is a skill that all students should learn as they prepare for their futures in college and careers.
  • Please don’t text students during the school day unless it is an emergency situation.


Together we can support teaching and learning in classrooms by focusing students on the activities in class, the teaching being provided, and their classmates.

Thank you for your help.

Dr. Anne S. Erwin, Principal

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